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First week, done!

Schedule still sucks: I’m coteaching pre-algebra for no apparent reason (I’m not in the math department) and I have the same group of kids for over 2 hours a day.

Let me explain that last one and ask for suggestions.
Our school has a half hour of “Academy” (like study hall) each morning before first period. Those kids (except two who come to resource from self-contained) are then IN my first period class.
My first period READING resource class and fifth period ELA Resource class are mostly the same students, with two or three different because they need one but not the other.

I have no effing clue how to separate the content of reading from ELA, since I’ve only ever taught them together, nor how to have enough to do without making my students frustrated and/or bored with the subjects.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I will likely try to make my first class (reading) do entire books with guided activities, vocabulary, and comprehension assignments while sticking to SCOPE magazine and articles, with similar activities and grammar lessons, for ELA.

Honestly the behavior stresses me out more than the planning because I have students who are so disruptive. Trying to figure out a system for them, started using ClassDojo this week.

Other less noteworthy notes:
-One of my students is six foot five (a full foot taller than me) and half my age. Realized in the halls on Friday that I blend in with my students in the hall due to height.
-I have three Briannas, all in alphabetical order, in one of my coteach classes. And they all spell their first name differently.

Confirm: moving to the lowest-paying public district raised my income nearly 50%.

Confirm: moving to the lowest-paying public district raised my income nearly 50%.



Who is the one person on your staff that you depend on the most?

Campus SEIF (Special Ed Instructional Facilitator)- she’s more my “boss” than my principal, in that she is the one to go to with IEP issues and has resources available for just about anything that may pop up. She’s also connected to the inside loop of campus info, so being around her often helps me get a heads up on major campus issues.

Front office secretary is usually who I call with quick questions, who always has the answer or tells me who will. She hands out free school supplies, is the first and last smiling face I see on campus every day, and is invaluable if I ever need a substitute.

EDD, second verse: What are you taking for lunch this week?

Monday: leftover coconut chicken and yellow rice

Tuesday: fish ceviche, eaten on lettuce wraps or straight from the cup
$2/pound at the Mexican market and OH SO GOOD

Wednesday: Fresh & Easy take and heat meal, I only buy those with the manager markdown stickers

Thursday: nuts, cheese stick, fruit snack plate

Friday: leftover chicken or steak on top of a salad

I actually don’t often eat lunch at work, but I’m trying to get better about it. This year, my conference period is the last class of the day at 1:20PM- will likely work through lunch and eat during my break.

EDD: What is your favorite lesson to teach?

Is it a particular unit, a science concept, synonym rolls?

Tell us all about it. Bonus points for including a link to and handouts or videos.

EDD: What are the phrases or catchphrases you say all the time in class?


Mine: “John Green says…”

Also: “Get a life” and “Be safe. Make good choices.”

I can be heard calling out, “MAKE GOOD CHOICES!” down the hall every Friday afternoon at dismissal. And, okay, chirping it during class pretty frequently as well.

EDD: If you had to cast a movie about your school…


Who would you cast as the following?

1. You

2. The principal

3. The secretary

4. The teacher(s) next door

1. A slightly-frazzled Yvonne Strahovski from 24: Live Another Day.

2. Richard Karn, best known as the loveable lumberjack-looking sidekick from Home Improvement. Clean him up and give him all the #education buzzwords.

3. Super laid-back but always on top of everything Julie Bowen, aged up about 10 years and plus a slightly-Southern accent.

4. Two chummy but hilarious oddball ladies, a la Melissa McCarthy and Tina Fey, Wanda Sykes is further down the hall. Token male hall mates are Josh Hartnett circa The Faculty and Mr. Clean, except not in cartoon form.

Oh and Uncle Jesse has gained weight and teaches science, but still has a killer head of hair.

What did you science class did you teach when you were in the classroom?

As far as grade levels? Almost everything. Was at a K-12 Charter school and over the course of 3 years, taught nearly every grade level.

6th-8th science my first semester as a coteacher
3rd-5th science and reading my second semester as a coteacher
2nd grade math and science when I finally got my own class, 1.5 years
HS science/state assessment prep April-June, and then summer school- but we only had Biology, Chemistry, and IPC (integrated physics and chem).

I moved to a public district, where I worked in the science department with curriculum & instruction for a year.

I spent the most time in elementary and got most comfortable with that grade level, but my dream at one point was to teach middle school science.


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